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Yisus La resurrección. ( Yisus La resurrección. (

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Jajajaja, genial!
Me encanta el arte, pero la voz tiene demasiado efectos.

The Most Irish Man in The The Most Irish Man in The

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I'm Irish and I laughed so hard i spilled my beer.

You owe me a beer.

Just kidding. Anyhow, here's my relatively unknowledgeable input. The beer bottle makes a sudden jerking motion away from the character's lips and he's making this weird kissy face at nothing. I'd go back and review your file and check to see if something is motion-tweening the bottle away from his face. When he says "but when i do" the lip sync looks a little funny, like it sticks on the "do" a little too long. Also, the proper conjugation would be "Their isn't one beer he hasn't drank". If you intended to say drinken for comedic purposes, disregard that.

Great job thus far, i really liked the jokes.

Ep1cPro responds:

Thanks the review was very helpful here's some beer